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“Debbie’s holistic approach to her massage is genuine. She spends time before the massage listening to what is happening in my life. She asks how I am feeling and reduces the stress from the time we meet. Her style of massage not only releases the tension in my muscles but I leave with a wonderful feeling knowing that I took care of myself.”                                                                                                                                                  Stephanie C.

“When I came in for my first massage both of my arms were prone to numbness, my back had hot spots of pain and stiffness that made movement impossible. It’s been almost a year of once a month therapy and although I’m not exactly a new woman, I’m certainly a more comfortable and active person. I am no longer prone to stiff necks, numbness from the upper arm’s down or those small knots of pain that floated around my back, this in spite of a job that requires continual bending, lifting and hauling. Thank you!” Georgia B.

"Fighting cancer and dealing with the effects of months of radiation and chemotherapy were hard on my body, mind and spirit. Throughout the ordeal, "Sam" (Debbie) provided a graduated approach that began with a healing touch to compliment my treatments and continued with therapeutic massage to promote healing. "Applied" isn't just part of her business name, it's how she does business. She took time to become familiar with the details of my specific symptoms and treatments including accompanying me on one of the 24 hour cycles I spent in the hospital for chemotherapy as part of her own learning. As the treatments and daily radiation wore me down, her form of massage therapy helped to reduce the side effects of treatment which were many; nausea, fatigue, irritable bowel and general discomfort. Once my cancer was resolved, she continued therapeutic massage that helped me manage pain and the problems with my bowels and digestion that went on for months. Maybe more importantly, she helped me manage my depression with her check-ins on the going-ons in my life from how my body was adjusting and eating right to work and self-care; reminding me not to be so hard on myself while also motivating me to stay the course. I've only recently learned about the mounting research on the effectiveness of complimentary therapies for reducing cancer side-effects, but I know first hand, and through "Sam's" hands, that my mind, body and spirit are better because of them."                                                                                                                                                   Ruby W.

"What I appreciate about you is your willingness to keep working on an “issue” and you continue to expand your knowledge. You listen with intent and even though I know you are busy, I always feel I have your full attention."                                                       Sarah C.

"I hurt my ankle at the lateral malleolus. Not sure if it was from an exercise class or from leg cramps that stretched the peroneous longus. At any rate, Debbie was able to identify the injured area and started the healing process with her gentle touch. She found just the right spot and ever since then it has steadily improved and I have no pain at all. I count on Debbie for her expertise and attention to detail. Thank you Debbie!"                     Pat E.


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