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Education & Training

I attended Ralston School of Massage in Carson City, Nevada graduating in 1994. I was trained in Swedish massage and have studied a variety of massage techniques since then including Chair massage, Reflexology, Ortho-Bionomy, Watsu, Comfort Touch, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, end of life care and more. Recently, I completed 300 hours of Oncology massage - a focused, gentle form of bodywork for individuals living with cancer, whether in active treatment, in remission, or as a cancer survivor. Oncology massage supports the entire body physically, emotionally and often spiritually by combining eastern medicine techniques with western medicine therapies.

Applied Touch

My style of massage is professional, thorough and predictable in routine, but is also adaptive to meet each client's individual needs as they arise. This is important because life changes and so do we. Prior to the massage, I meet with my clients, listen to his or her concerns, life events and learn about any strains that the body and emotions may be experiencing.

Then I adapt the massage to what I have learned from the client, in order to provide maximum relief to sore and stressed muscles, which in turn can have an effect on our emotions. I aim to promote healing, well-being and comfort.

I have been fortunate to work in a variety of settings and consider it an honor to have provided comfort to persons at every stage of life, including hospice care: a gift I will always cherish.

With my hospice patients I meet them where they are... meaning I travel to their homes and provide gentle touch where they want to be massaged: on a couch, bed, recliner chair, etc. No need to climb on a massage table or a massage chair. 

My Philosophy

I believe in the human spirit and each person's ability to design the life he or she wants as long as a person is flexible, persistent, determined and remains open-minded. I gained this belief by choosing to experience my life’s challenges and celebrations with open eyes and heart while constantly striving for balance. Key factors that give my life purpose and being happy are being in nature, spending time with people and animals, and cherishing my alone time. Other activities include gardening, travel and the theater.


I am certified, licensed, and have been practicing therapeutic massage in Reno, Nevada since 1995. I have the 'adventurers’ spirit and have worked, played and volunteered in a variety of settings. For over 30 years I worked in the area of family violence, for 19 years I volunteered with Search and Rescue. I love to travel; I enjoyed volunteering in a children's hospital and orphanage in Morocco, giving massages to seniors in Peru and providing humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees in Greece.

Currently I live in the high desert on a dirt road surrounded by wildlife, desert plants and pinion pine and juniper trees. I use to live in an old ranch house on a half acre with fruit and shade trees and an assortment of herb and vegetable gardens. Quite the change! In both places my cat is the boss.

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Debbie 'Sam' Smith, LMT
Applied Touch Massage

(775) 233-1995
Nevada State License #439

Member of:

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and

Society for Oncology Massage

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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